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Come Go with Me Tribute 2 The Del Vikings

The Del Vikings story has been told countless times, some truth some facts and some untruths its cool."          Dom,dom,dom,dom,dom-b-doobie dom wha ,wha,wah,wha....."Probabily the most familar phrase in all of Doo-Wop and maybe music from the 1950's.Created by the legendary Del Vikings in 1956 written by C.E Quick with our dad Norman Wright on lead vocals.Ok here are the original members with no disrespect for those who came after. Founder -  Clarence E. Quick, Kripp Johnson, Norman Wright, Dave Lerchy , Gus Backus/William Blakely and Joe Lopes.Known for being U.S.A Airforce Men.  For us this is were the story begins and ends and begins again.We are "Come Go with Me Tribute 2 the Del Vikings. The sons of Norman Wright-brothers Norman jr and Tony Wright - Mike Machado, Maverick Gaithers, Blue Salim.The Del Vikings were the first group we saw in our living room growing up in Bushwick - Brooklyn N.Y. We grew up not knowing how famous our dad and The Del Vikings was until we both had a show and tell project at our school P.S 299 where we both brought in The Del Vikings albums and our teachers lost thier minds.This made us question our dad when we got home from school,and he told us the story.Our mom would always have thier music  playing around the house and as kids we knew this was something different. Wow imagine hearing them rehearsing in our living room this is how we got our start in music. My brother Norman started on sax and guitar and myself( Tony) picked up the bass guitar and keyboards.We went through our share of bands learning the business as we went along. Following in our dad's foot prints my brother and I put together World Premiere in 1981. Our first release "Share The Night" came out in 1983 on the EasyStreet Records Lable  in N.Y.C,it charted to #15 on the Billboards R&B dance charts. Fast-foward our dad asked us to join him in 1995 to continue to keep The Del Vikings legacy alive and well.What followed was the grueling task of rehersal's our dad put us through learning the songs note for note on our instruments then getting all the harmony's right, because as we all know The Del Vikings harmonies was serious and its a lesson we still carry with us today.Our first show with dad was opening up for The Spinners(1996) in Detroit Mi. wow talk about getting thrown into the lions den is an understatement.  All our Tours were just like that we never knew who we were going to meet while on tour which was always fun.  We had the opportunity to play at places we never thought possible such as "The Greek Theater,Universal Ampitheater both in L.A, The Gund Arena, and at N.Y's Nassau Coliseum are just the tip of  iceberg. In our travels we met some of our influences ranging from "The Four Tops, Mary Wilson of The Supremes, Frankie Lymons Teenagers, Jerry"the iceman" Butler, Ben E.King, Peter Noon of The Herman Hermitts, Frankie Ford, Bowzer of Sha-Na Na, Gene"the Duke of Earl" Chandler, The Tokens, The Platters and The Drifters etc, so many to name.Our claim to fame is when we appeared on the PBS Doo-Wop 50 Special with our dad and Dave Lerchy, yes dreams come true.  What an honor it was to see all the Pioneers of  Doo-Wop stories being told for all the world to see the start of Doo-Wop live on TV, we are forever grateful. So to all our Del Vikings fans we hope to see you all on tour in your city or town as we Sing and Play The Del Vikings music to all who will Come Go with Us and Enjoy a good time.                                                                                       Personnel: Come Go with Me Tribute 2 The Del Vikings

Norman Wright jr - Guitar/ Lead Vocals

Tony Wright- Bass Guitar / Vocals

Mike Machado - Drums / Percussions

Maverick Gaithers - Sax / Vocals

Blue Salim - Keyboards / Vocals                                                                                        

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